Accompaniment services for municipal elections a success

In partnership with Chinese Family Services (CFS), for the first time CWG offered accompaniment services for residents of Chinatown from 5 low-income buildings to get out and vote in this past weekend’s municipal election (November 6 & 7). In total, we accompanied about 40 residents, mainly seniors, to two different polling stations.

As part of this door knocking campaign, we were able to meet about 120 residents – some had already voted or were able to go on their own while others were not eligible to vote or were not up to leaving the house that day. Most of the people we accompanied would likely not have otherwise voted, as they did not know about the election, had thought they were not eligible, or were not able to get to the polling station.

Thank you to the volunteers that came out on Saturday and Sunday. We appreciate your flexibility and ability to adapt to the needs of the residents. Thank you to Alain, Bryant, Cecelia, Day’s, Esther, Isabelle Karen, Leslie, Maika, May, Ming, Monique, Terry, Victor, Walter and Zion. Special thanks to the CFS volunteers Annie and Brenda who allowed us to leverage their extensive networks and experience.

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