A first step for the Chinatown Roundtable

The Table de concertation du Faubourg St-Laurent worked on setting up the first Chinatown Roundtable, a multisectoral community board that will be the liaison between various levels of governments and the community, share information among different community sectors, and help build consensus around issues facing Chinatown. The creation of the Roundtable followed the Chinatown Action Plan 2021-2026, and we were happy to support that effort.

We worked with the Table de concertation du Faubourg St-Laurent to reach out to Chinatown’s community as well as support the community information meeting in April. They are looking for community members from various sectors to form working committees and a board that will represent the Chinatown Roundtable and contribute to the improvements of the Chinatown community. To get involved and learn more about the Chinatown Roundtable, reach out to Andy Vu (andy.vu@faubourgstlaurent.ca) and May Chiu (mei.chiu@faubourgstlaurent.ca).

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Please note that as of September 2022, Chinatown Working Group has officially closed its doors.

Veuillez noter que le GTQC a officiellement fermé ses portes en septembre 2022.