The Chinatown Working Group (CWG) started as a project of the Progressive Chinese of Quebec (PCQ) in 2019.

The PCQ is a collective of people of Chinese descent in QC who community organise around issues that impact our communities and our ally communities. 

CWG was created to have a group concentrated on issues in Chinatown and to widen the membership and to include people with specialised skills to move forward the “place-making” mission of CWG.

We are motivated to protect, preserve, and promote the history and evergreen culture of Montreal’s historical Chinatown and its diverse communities. Our group is concentrated on this “place-making” mission as well as other issues related to Chinatown.
As a collective, we are building partnerships at the municipal, provincial, and federal level with communities and government stakeholders to help form a cohesive and holistic vision of Montreal’s Chinatown that speaks to all stakeholders. Our work is aligned with a number of Chinatown community movements across North America. Together, we are taking concrete action to ensure the vitality of Chinatown for future generations.

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Please note that CWG has ceased its operations as of Sep 29, 2022. Emails sent to these addresses may not get a reply.

Please note that as of September 2022, Chinatown Working Group has officially closed its doors.

Veuillez noter que le GTQC a officiellement fermé ses portes en septembre 2022.